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Studio Services

Sample Lesson

Curious to learn about how voice lessons work and Christopher's teaching style?

Enjoy a Sample Lesson for $20 for a half-hour!

(available for any service)

Head to "Book a Lesson" to get started!

Studio Plans

  • PER SERVICE: Book a service just when you need it, or as an add-on to another plan.

  • STANDARD PLANS: Weekly lessons for a variety of durations: monthly, seasonally, bi-annually, annually. 

  • CREDIT-BASED PLANS: For studio members who cannot meet on a regular weekly basis.

  • BUILD-YOUR-OWN PLAN: For studio members who want a customized weekly experience.


Christopher makes it a priority to keep his plans flexible and affordable.

Please inquire to Christopher directly to discuss service pricing options. 





A total of five recipients will be awarded a free month of voice lessons or music lessons for the month of August. There is also an exclusive offer just for applying for the scholarship!

Long-Term Member Discounts

Studio members who commit to a standard plan or credit-based plan

will receive a discount

from their lessons.

From monthly to annual plans, each plan is increasingly discounted. Likewise, each credit-based plan is incrementally discounted. May be combined with the referral bonus or the student rate. 



Studio members who invite new members to join will receive 20% off from their current lesson rate in the duration of the new member’s plan.

The referral discount may be carried-over into a successive plan.

May not be combined with the student rate.



Studio members who are active students can receive 40% off from their lesson rate. Student members may also extend their promotional rate for one plan after their graduation. Proof of enrollment and/or graduation date is required.

May not be combined with the referral bonus.

*For all promotions, terms and conditions apply. Please see Studio Policies.