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Teaching Philosophy


“ To teach singing is to serve the art of expressing the human condition through science, creativity and the voice. Building a voice means something different to each individual, so taking a unique approach is my priority for every person who enters my studio.

My teaching is grounded in a holistic approach to music, the mind, and the entire person. I believe that singing is a life-long and ever-changing skill that can always be nurtured. This means that continuing my education is vital to the value of my teaching.

My studio is a psychologically-safe environment to allow complete freedom to create and grow. Finding the joy in singing is unlike any other feeling, and that is a huge achievement in my studio. 


~ Christopher Fotis


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About Christopher

       Christopher Fotis is praised as an up-and-coming master voice teacher, possessing a keen ear and sharp intuition for how to work with a voice. He began singing at an early age, and has explored a wide range of musical genres. Between his extensive study and experience, he has developed an exceptional comprehension of vocal function which can be applied to any genre of music.


       Christopher is a recent graduate from New York University; earning his M.M. in Classical Vocal Performance in the voice studio of Jeremy Aye, in addition to an Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy. NYU Steinhardt was founded in 1890 and is recognized as the first school of general pedagogy in an American university, and is now the leading university in vocal pedagogy for the future. Christopher also earned his B.M. from Towson University which is recognized as Maryland’s first school for training teachers since 1866 when it was known as Maryland State Normal School.


       For eight years, Christopher has been surrounded by a legacy of excellence and a host of educators who believe in the power of knowledge, empowering students and continuing research. Christopher honors his teacher, Jeremy Aye, as being a guiding force of endless wisdom and compassion in his transition from student to active performer and voice teacher. Jeremy Aye follows in the lineage of American pedagogue, Barbara Doscher, and beyond that to the internationally recognized pedagogue, Berton Coffin. Christopher also honors his undergraduate teacher and now friend, Dr. Leneida Crawford. She has worked internationally and is well known as an American Art-song specialist, premiering and resurrecting the works of many American composers. Her passion for history, virtue and the beauty in the human voice has inspired Christopher to follow in her path by discovering lesser known works and sharing their rich history of culture behind them. 


       Education is something larger than us, is constantly growing, and is what links humanity to our past, present and future. Art is the manifestation of our discoveries and how we express the human condition. Christopher reveres the value of art and education within a community, as it is a sign of growth and life. He is humbled to be an artist and educator, and hopes to inspire beauty wherever life takes him.


This Winter, Christopher is on faculty for


an online voice intensive for high school students, focused on cultivating well rounded and impactful artists. He will be teaching Voice Lessons, Coachings, and Business Classes, with a specialty in Classical and Disney styles. 

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“I cannot sing enough praises to the vocal teachings of Christopher Fotis. As a freshman at NYU Tisch Drama, the standards for vocal teachers are set intimidatingly high. Christopher’s care for consistency within his work and welcoming persona exceeded my expectations. Christopher’s techniques allowed for massive strides in my vocal health and exploration of newfound ease in range I would never know I could sing in without him. After only a few lessons, he was able to form tools to aid in breaking habits past coaches took years to uncover. One (myself) may even call him “The Soprano Whisperer”. The unique nature of his technique and flexibility of his vocal understanding is absolutely unmatched.”

– Carley L.

“I took voice with Chris over the course of one of my semesters at New York University. Being in the theater program, I had experience with multiple teachers prior, however, Chris was the first vocal coach where I was able to actively track my growth, which was tremendous. His method of teaching challenges the student to intensely engage and sincerely reflect after each lesson, which personally helped me in creating even more awareness about vocal health, training and longevity. He also requires the student to record each lesson, which continues to help me during my off season times (when I am not training). I think that Chris has a unique way of connecting with his students and creating a welcoming environment that produces accelerated growth and I would recommend him to any singer wherever they are on their vocal journey.”

– Makoa

Chris is a caring teacher, mentor, and friend. He consistently encouraged me to explore and feel my own voice. By the end of the class I became much more comfortable vocalizing in general. His love for vocal mechanics gave me more than an experiential type of learning process. I am super glad I was able to learn about musicality and anatomy. Simply after 3 months of training, both in-person and online, I gained more vocal confidence and was familiar with basic vocal techniques and had access to supplementary resources for future guidance.

 – QxF

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